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We hope that you and all of your loved ones have a happy holiday season; and to all a very Merry Christmas.Thank you for trusting us with your most valuable asset; your health.  We hope this information proves to be helpful in your continued quest for good health. Also, I am the only certified Clear Scoliosis doctor in the state of Georgia, as we try to avoid all scoliosis surgery if possible.  So, if anyone you know has a scoliosis, know I am available to consult with them. Dr. Mike is also certified in a special sports technique called Graston; which works on the soft tissue. Any young children with issues; Mike is also a pediatric certified chiropractor.  Dr Robinson is also certified in Activator technique which is awesome for the young and the old.  Want a free tee shirt? Go to Google or Yelp and write a review of our office; that's it. We have now created a new division of our office called West Ga Regenerative Medicine; which specializes in PRP and stem cell treatments.  This allows us to care for the major joints in the body in a way we could never before. This is almost a miracle, PRP and stem cell treatment helps avoid or put off painful and expensive surgery.  For more information contact our case manager Cheyenne at our office.

Jay Brodwyn, D. C. 

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» Did You Know Your Tension-Type Headache Might Originate in Your Back?
» Too Much Food Variety in Your Diet Can Lead to Unhealthy Eating

Did You Know Your Tension-Type Headache Might Originate in Your Back?  

If you are an office worker, you might find yourself prone to tension-type headaches. These tension headaches can be dull, or throbbing, and make it hard for you to concentrate on your work. But why do you get them? Did you ever consider just how these headaches happen? Is it just general “stress”? Or is it something more?

The Relationship Between Tension Headaches and Your Back
It turns out that tension-type headaches may actually have something to do with the muscles in our back. Specifically, one study found that tenderness in the trapezius muscles was correlated with tension-type headaches in female office workers. (We can assume that this is similar for male office workers, as well.) If you look at a picture of the trapezius muscles, this connection makes a lot more sense. The trapezius muscles, or “traps” for short, are muscles that lay along the spine at the top part of the back. They fan out like diamonds, stretching up into your neck and down into the midsection of the back. Spending a lot of time hunched over a desk or peering into a computer most likely puts stress on these muscles as the head is tilted forward too much in what is called “forward head posture.” These muscles connect to the muscles of the head and face, encouraging stress and pain.

Chiropractic Care for Tension-Type Headache
Fortunately, we have a way to safely treat these headaches through expert chiropractic care. Contact us today for a consultation!
Source:JMPT. July–Aug, 2018. Vol 41, Issue 6, Pages 483–487. LLC 2018

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Too Much Food Variety in Your Diet Can Lead to Unhealthy Eating  

The American Heart Association (AHA) is now questioning the assumption that eating a diverse array of foods is good for your health. This has been a diet recommendation for years, but doctors and nutritionists don’t agree on what an "array" or "variety" of food means. In fact, including a wide variety of food in your diet may actually be unhealthy. According to new studies, diversity in food choices is tied to poor diet, including eating refined sugars and grains, processed food, and sugar-laden drinks. Doctors once recommended getting a variety of food in your diet because it helps you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need. However, with the rise of cheap junk food and its availability, people are confusing variety with quality. The AHA Behavioral Change for Improving Health Factors Committee reviewed fairly recent studies on the topic of food variety in the diet, including its impact on obesity and eating patterns. Overall, they came to the conclusion that diversity in the diet doesn't necessarily connect to healthy habits. In fact, they discovered evidence suggesting that eating a wider variety of foods is tied to eating more food in general, poor eating habits, and gaining weight. Instead, researchers promote eating a large variety of healthy foods, including whole grains, veggies, and fruits.
Source:Circulation, online August 9, 2018. LLC 2018

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